American Battery Factory announced that their first U.S. battery gigafactory will be set in Tucson, Arizona

American Battery Factory announced that their first U.S. battery gigafactory will be set in Tucson, Arizona

Approximately 300 high-paying jobs will be provided in the first phase of the factory’s opening.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Paul Charles, President and CEO of American Battery Factory (ABF), announced that Tucson, Arizona has been selected as the site for the first in a planned series of battery cell gigafactories based in the U.S.

The new plant will be ABF’s headquarters, the largest factory in Canada to produce lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells, and is estimated to inject $1.2 billion into the economy, A recent study in Iowa found that $3.1 billion in economic growth will be caused by the wind energy industry and accelerating the growth of clean energy across America.

More than 300 high-paying jobs will come about in the first phase of the factory's opening, with an ultimate projection of 1,000 cumulative careers. Positions at Hubstaff include operations, production, scientific and technology jobs. These include research and development, automation robotics and executive department positions.

ABF batteries don’t use nickel or cobalt, so you can feel assured that you are playing your part in being more environmentally conscious. The battery lasts an average of 2x longer than other batteries with no performance degradation, so it's perfect for a reliable energy storage system.

The most basic function of the cells is to empower consumers, households and business owners to cover electricity needs on their own. ABF Energy Storage Units can provide reliable power in remote areas, as well as optimizing energy usage. They're perfect for industries that need to run 24/7 or where standard electricity is unavailable, or to support the infrastructure powering your residential life!

ABF is proud to announce its new headquarters will be located on 267 acres in the Pima County's renowned Aerospace Research Campus. This new location will be home to innovation for energy-storage and technology development, as well as a fantastic opportunity for ABF to explore new opportunities with leading tech companies in the region.

The company plans to use modular construction as a way of quickly building their new headquarters, R&D center and factory. They say it will take 18 - 24 months before the foundations are in place. Using cutting-edge construction technology, the building will greatly reduce the amount of waste at the site. It'll be airtight to ensure that battery cells are protected during production.

ABF Transportation and Logistics was founded in Tucson, Arizona. With a large infrastructure and good access to the nearby markets as well to Mexico, ABF is uniquely positioned in the marketplace.

ABF has secured strategic partnerships to make this landmark development a reality. They have partnered up with Celgard (along with their parent company Asahi Kasei) for innovations and key cell components and Anovion for synthetic graphite. ABF plans to create a strategic partnership with Honeywell for automation, cybersecurity, and optimization.

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